Hareline Schlappen

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Hareline Schlappen is a versatile feather material used in fly tying to create a range of different patterns, including streamers, nymphs, and wet flies. The feathers are sourced from the schlappen rooster, which is known for its long, soft, and webby feathers that provide excellent movement and action in the water.

The feathers are typically sold in packages of various sizes and colors, with natural brown, black, and white being the most common options. The feathers are long and narrow, with a distinct taper towards the tip, making them ideal for creating flowing, undulating body and tail sections on fly patterns.

Hareline Schlappen is often used in conjunction with other feather and synthetic materials, such as marabou, flashabou, and chenille, to create complex and highly effective fly patterns. The feathers are easy to work with and can be trimmed and shaped to suit a range of different patterns and fishing situations.

One of the main advantages of Hareline Schlappen is its ability to provide lifelike movement and action in the water, which can be particularly effective for enticing predatory fish, such as trout, bass, and pike. The soft, webby fibers of the feathers create a natural, flowing motion that mimics the movement of baitfish and other prey items.

  • 1/4 oz Per Package