Redington Behemoth Fly Reel

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Introducing the BEHEMOTH Fly Reel: Unleash Power and Elegance

Our new BEHEMOTH reel is a game-changer in the world of fly fishing. Combining unrivaled drag power, stunning aesthetics, and cutting-edge design, it redefines what a fly reel can be. Crafted with precision and built to perform, this reel is a true masterpiece that will elevate your angling experience.

Unmatched Drag Power: The BEHEMOTH reel boasts the most powerful drag in its class, giving you the control and stopping power needed to tackle even the strongest fish. The adjustable, carbon fiber drag system delivers exceptional strength, reliability, and performance. Whether you're battling hard-fighting trout or pursuing saltwater giants, this reel has you covered.

Innovative Construction: The unique die-cast construction of the BEHEMOTH reel sets it apart from the competition. Un-machinable and exceptionally durable, this reel combines strength with eye-catching aesthetics. Its interlocking, large-arbor spool design not only enhances its appearance but also ensures efficient line retrieval and reduces line memory, allowing for smooth and effortless casts.

Ease of Use and Versatility: We understand the importance of convenience on the water. That's why the BEHEMOTH reel is equipped with an oversized drag knob for easy adjustment, enabling you to fine-tune your drag settings quickly. It also features a reversible retrieve, effortlessly converting between left and right hand retrieve based on your preference.

Ample Backing Capacity: With its deep V-spool design, the BEHEMOTH reel offers increased backing capacity, allowing you to tackle larger and more aggressive fish with confidence. No need to worry about running out of line when the big one takes off. This reel provides you with the backing you need to handle any situation.

Superior Ergonomics: We prioritize your comfort during those long days on the water. The BEHEMOTH reel features twin molded, soft-touch ergonomic handles, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip. With every turn of the reel, you'll feel the smoothness and precision engineered into its design.

Added Value and Protection: To further enhance your experience, each BEHEMOTH reel comes with a nylon reel case, providing protection during storage and transportation. We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our reels, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty. Fish with confidence, knowing that your investment is protected.

Whether you're a beginner exploring the world of fly fishing or a seasoned angler seeking the ultimate performance, the BEHEMOTH reel is designed to exceed your expectations. With its unbeatable drag power, innovative construction, and user-friendly features, it delivers performance and affordability to anglers of all levels. Equip your favorite 5-weight trout rod or gear up for saltwater adventures— the BEHEMOTH reel is ready to tackle any challenge.

Experience the power, elegance, and reliability of the BEHEMOTH reel today. Unleash the true potential of your fly fishing pursuits.