Return To The River: The Classic Story Of The Chinook Run & Of The Men Who Fish It

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Written By Roderick L. Haig-Brown


Return to the River remains one of the finest books ever written about the salmon and has won its place as an angler’s and naturalist’s classic. 5.4 x 8.1 inches, 256 pages. Softcover.

Return to the River captures the whole sweep of the chinook migration in every significant detail: the departure seaward of the millions of small fry in the spring of the second year, the saltwater life of the free-swimming schools in the deeps beyond Puget Sound, the later return of the survivors—sixty- and eighty-pounders that leap against every obstacle, striving to complete their lives at last among upland shallows barely deep enough to contain them.

About the Author:

Roderick Langmere Haig-Brown was a Canadian writer and conservationist.