Spawn Fly Kit - Jetty Worm

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As many of you have seen, we have really taken to the jetty fishing over the last several months. We have used many flies but THE one that continues to lead the charge is this worm fly that we previously have posted on YouTube. This version tied in shrimp colors is too good to not have if you plan on fishing from the rocks. 

We hope to do more kits like this as we continue to settle into our new shop!

Included one retail package of each:

  • Spawn Football Bead 7mm Peach
  • Hareline Schlappen - Spawn's Fl. Shrimp Peach
  • Spawn Simi Seal - Ghost Shrimp / UV Orange 
  • Chicones Crusher Legs Orange Barred Clear
  • UV Mottled Galaxy More Chenille - Fl. Shrimp Pink 
  • Ahrex FW550 #4
  • Veevus Power Thread 140 - Fl. Fire Orange 

Youtube Video Tutorial: