Stonfo Elite Vise

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High quality in-line 360° rotary action vise for tying flies and streamers. The stainless steel shaft rotates through two precision ball bearings. The shank of the hook rotates on axis thanks to the adjustable shaft. The steady pedestal base has a useful integrated tool rack and connection for magnifying glass item 642 (tools and magnifying glass not included). Other important features: interchangeable jaws, hook locking by "super soft" lever device, adjustable rotary tension, smooth rotary motion, locking position at any angle, adjustable height, reversible for left hand tying. Other accessories included: rounded shape bobbin cradle, parachute plier, adjustable spring material clip, pivot thread cradle, allen keys and instruction manual.

Key Features:

  1. Jaw design: The vise features a true rotary jaw, which allows the tyer to rotate the hook in any direction while tying. The jaw is also adjustable, with a range of hook sizes from 28 to 4/0.

  2. Construction: The vise is made of high-quality materials, including stainless steel and hardened steel, which makes it durable and long-lasting. The base is heavy and stable, ensuring that the vise stays in place while tying.

  3. Bobbin cradle: The vise includes a bobbin cradle, which holds the thread spool in place and helps to prevent thread tangles and snarls.

  4. Accessories: The vise comes with several accessories, including a parachute tool, a material clip, and a hook and bead plate. These accessories help to make tying easier and more efficient.

  5. Ease of use: The vise is designed to be easy to use, with a simple and intuitive design. The rotary function is smooth and easy to control, and the adjustable jaw makes it easy to switch between different hook sizes.

  6. Price: The Stonfo Elite Fly Tying vise is a high-end vise, with a price point that reflects its quality and features. It is generally more expensive than entry-level vises, but less expensive than some other high-end vises on the market.