Wapsi Perfect Saltwater Poppers With Hooks

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At one time, the majority of surface poppers for bass, panfish and saltwater were tied out of spun deer hair or shaped cork. Hair bugs and cork poppers remain marvelous fish catchers, but they are laborious to tie and intimidating to many beginning fly tyers. One alternative to creating effective, easy to tie poppers is to use these Wapsi Perfect Saltwater Popper heads.

The Perfect Saltwater Poppers are constructed of high-density foam that floats high on the water’s surface yet is very durable. They are so durable in fact that you can cut, trim or sand them to the final shape you desire. To help get you started, each popper head is pre-slotted and tapered!

  • Easy To Use
  • Make Great Looking, Super Durable Poppers
  • 10 Poppers Per Package
  • 10 Hooks Per Package
  • Easily Colored with Prismacolor Markers