Clamworm Fly for Sea-Run Trout

As our Spawn Blog grows in popularity we hope to use this outlet as a platform to highlight individuals around the world who use our products in, incredible fashion. We hope this will become a resource for success no matter what species you are targeting or location you are fishing. 

Andreas Lindgren is a fly tier and fisherman from Sweden. In the last serval months our products have taken off in popularity in that region of the world! We wanted to highlight a pattern that caught our attention Andreas has many patterns using our products that we love but this one in particular I find very appealing. We hope you enjoy this pattern and the methodology that brought it to life!



This pattern is intended to imitate a clamworm or as we say in Swedish "sommarmask" (summer worm) a fly you need in your fly box if you fish in saltwater especially on the Swedish West Coast chasing Sea-Run Brown Trout.

Warm summer nights when the clamworms are swarming in shallow bays the Sea-Run Brown Trout can go completely ballistic for this worm! I have had nights when the fish break the surface everywhere, trashing themselves with clamworms! It's complete mayhem! This is one of the best opportunity to catch the sea trout of your dreams!

I often fish this pattern with a floating line just below the surface taking it home in a slow steady pace. Sometimes it helps to put on a magic head to your leader if the fish just pokes the fly, this will give the fly some extra movement and make it swim like crazy.

I like to tie this fly on two different hooks, for the bigger clamworms I use Ahrex SA 280 minnow in size 6, and for the smaller ones i use Ahrex NS 122 light stinger in size 10.

Tie some up and give it a try!

Happy tying and tight lines!

Best Regards


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Material list:

Ahrex SA 280 minnow size 6 or Ahrex NS 122 size 10

Spawn Simi Seal Spot Prawn, Petes Peach, Shrimp Belly and Sand Dab Sculpin.

Power Thread 50 denier white

Step 1: Insert your Ahrex SA 280 minnow hook in the vise. 

Step 2: Start your thread 1/2 a hook eye behind the hook eye, cover the hook shank with thread and make a 3.5 inch (9cm) dubbing loop securing it to the top of the hook shank. 


Step 3: Blend spawn simi seal in spot prawn and pete's peach, align the fibers and then cut it in half. Lay out the material so it is 3 inches (8cm) long.


Step 4: Put some dubbing wax on your dubbing loop and insert the simi seal mix with a magic tool or papperclip. 

Step 5: Spin the dubbing loop with a dubbing twister, brush it out. Measure out 1.5 inches (4cm) and fold the dubbing loop back over itself then help it to twist up on itself. Then secure it with some tight wraps. 

Step 6: Now make a 2.5 inch (7cm) dubbing loop, take your spawn simi seal shrimp belly, align the fibers and cut it in half. Lay out the material so it is 2 inches (5cm). 

Step 7: Put some dubbing wax on your dubbing loop, insert the simi seal with a magic tool or papperclip. Twist up the dubbing loop and palmer it to where you started your thread and secure it.

Step 8: Make a small head with Spawn Simi Seal- Sand Dab Sculpin, whip finish your fly and brush it out. Done!👊🏻 



Thank you all for checking out this latest Step By Step Blog. Be sure to checkout Andreas on social @sweden_flytying (Instagram) and (Youtube)!


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