Spawn Slotted Tungsten Football Beads

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Jig flies are known for producing some large fish. Very large fish. But what if there was a slotted bead that could not only make your jig nymphs look nymphier, but also make your streamers dig with flare and put your crustacean bottoms on the...bottom? Welcome the Spawn Slotted Tungsten Football Bead. Designed with a larger eye in all 4 sizes to allow for a wider array of hook pairings. Function doesn’t have to be without form. Try the new Slotted Tungsten Football Bead, the fish will appreciate the added touch of elegance on your jigs and jig flies!

  • Available in Colors: Black, Crayfish Brown, Fluorescent Hot Pink, Gold, "KG" (Kevin Gohman) Olive, Shrimp Peach, & Silver
  • Available in Sizes: [5.5 mm (0.4 grams)], [6 mm (0.7 grams)], [7 mm (1 gram)], & [7.5 mm (1.4 grams)
  • 10 Slotted Tungsten Football Beads Per Package
  • Patent Pending

To learn more about the idea behind this product and how it came to life - READ HERE: A NEW ERA FOR SLOTTED BEADS!